August 23, 2017

Nationals Bullpen is Red-Hot; Dusty Keeps Adjusting Roster; + ESPN / Robert Lee Fiasco

Stevie, FP, Joe, and special guest Anthony (the Nats Stat Authority) sit down to talk about the red-hot Nationals bullpen and debate how much credit Mike R deserves for adjusting/trading on the fly (1m-5m). The Nationals are still missing key players but they are getting closer to a full "stud" lineup (6m-11) and Dusty continues to work his magic with the roster day in and day out (11m-14). Harper will take his time returning but they really don't need him against the impressive Astros do they (15m-21) and don't miss the hot take about the Robert Lee, ESPN mess at the end either! (Photo Credit: Washington Post)

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