Washington Football team chalks up another W on Thanksgiving day. What does this mean for the rest of the season? Do they have an actual chance to win the NFC East? The Eagles, Giants, and Cowboys are also a mess but are they worse off than the WFT? Click, like, share @defeatthecurse on twitter.

The bye week is here and so is the election. Listen in as we welcome back Joe and 20. The WFT beat Dallas for the first time in it seems like 10 years! But does it really matter? The division is so bad, could the winner of the division be a 6 or 7 win team? It sure sounds like it. 

The pod then shifts to what's probably on everyone's mind the 2020 election is just days away. Do your part and go vote!

October 18, 2020

Is the Riverboat Sinking?

EXPLICIT - Beacause sometimes it needs to be done. Riverboat Ron deserves some criticism on the horrible call to go for 2 at the end of the game. The WFT was marching up and down the field and the NYG were not, there was no reason to go for 2. Join LP and FP on this pod to discuss the call and let us know what you think at @DefeatTheCurse 

How bad is this football team? Did they just play a better 4 teams or are they really that bad? Join LP and FP to discuss this very topic. There is no sugar coating it, the WFT is BAD. Offense, Defense and Special Teams. FP and LP break down their versions of the blame pie. How would you split the blame pie? What about the coaching staff? All options on the table because this team is B A D bad bad bad. Tell us what you think on twitter at @DefeatTheCurse. #WashingtonFootballTeam #NFL


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HUGE HUGE HUGE news! Dwayne Haskins benched. After only 4 games Haskins has been benched? Is it fair? Is it justified? LP and FP discuss all things the Washington Football Team quarterback. Let us know what you think, did Coach Rivera make the right move? Let us know @defeatthecurse on twitter!

There's been no question that Dwayne Haskins hasn't looked all-pro through three games but should he be benched? Or do we need to practice a little more patience with the young quarterback. LP and FP discuss. 

August 6, 2020

Sports are back!

Sports are finally back! NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, and MLS are all back. Sports bubbles are working, MLB is powering through with the NFL to follow suit. Join LP and FP on all things DC Sports is back in 2020. Which DC team has the best chance to bring a title back to DC? Let us know! Listen, Like, Follow, Share!

The Redskins schedule is set and we are ready for sports to return! Razzle, Stevie, and Joe breakdown the schedule, recap the draft, and set their expectations for 2020! The boy's also discuss the Last Dance... spoiler alert, Razzle was too young to remember anything but wow, MJ was intense and Rodman was nuts! Stevie and Joe talk CoronaVirus, reopening the country, unemployment, and what to expect in a Biden v Trump showdown later this year... welcome back to DTC!

April 6, 2020

LP and FP Unfiltered

Tune in for the latest FP and LP show on the DTC podcast. All sports are still on pause and FP and LP are still going strong. Tune in to hear FP and LP's thoughts on free agency thus far and what they are looking forward to. 

CoronaVirus continues to crush the souls of sports fans around the world and with no end in sight, the boys at DTC are thankful to be healthy, bitter at the lack of live sports content, and hopeful a cure/vaccine will be found soon. NFL free agency is well underway and the Redskins made an interesting moving nabbing one Carolina QB and trading away a starting DB to a bitter rival in the Pacific northwest. What else do the Redskins need to do this offseason, and if Joey B falls to two in the draft... what would YOU do? #HTTR

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