Bill Rohland joins Stevie and Joe for a look around the NFL... which teams are trending up, which not so up, and each have one or two teams to watch to keep an eye on as well! Peyton/Eli should be the main MNF broadcast; does anyone disagree? AND keys to a WFT win at Buffalo this weekend as told by our friends at the Not Another Bills Podcast!


Razzle and Joe recap week two around the NFL including a closer look at two NFC east rivals in Dallas and Philadelphia. The duo discuss the sweetness of having the WFT win on Thursday and thus having no threat of a ruined Sunday due to loss AND debate the genius behind the Manning and Manning ESPN2 Monday Night Football broadcast. The second half of the show DTC welcomes Jamie D'Amico from the Jamie D and Big Newt Podcast (SB Nation) who covers the Bills to preview week three and talk about the ridiculous 8.5 spread for the WFT as they head to Buffalo.

September 18, 2021

2021 Week 2 - Bets & Props

Looking to make some $$$ on a Sunday when Washington Football Team has the day off? Look no further than FP and LP's Sunday prediction picks. LP and FP dive into each game making their predictions for the spread and O/Us. Looking to make $9,776.59? Pick all the money line picks and you can make that with just a $10 wager. Or Just pick a few and still make some money. All fun and games, especially when your team is not involved. Hail to the Football Team! 

FP, Razzle, & Joe recap the WFT beating the NY Giants in dramatic fashion and discuss the highs and lows on both sides of the ball. Is the primetime curse over!? Taylor Heinicke may have "it" while Daniel Jones seems to only have "it" when he faces Washington. If the WFT is going to have success this season the D-Line has to decide whether they are elite or average or below average... for now a win is a win! #HTTFT

Stevie Joe and Razzle revisit week 1 from around the NFL focusing on the teams that looked terrible, like the Packers and WFT, and the teams that looked amazing, like the entire NFC West! The boys break down the WFT loss at home to the Chargers and then turn their attention to the Giants with that week 2 matchup looming in just 48 hours! Antonio Reyes, who covers the Giants, joins the show and just like last week, continues the trend of guests picking WFT to win in a close one. Can Taylor lead this offense to victory? Can Chase and the WFT defense get right on Thursday night? There is much to discuss! 

Happy Football! The 2021 season has begun with a fun one in Tampa Bay. The Bucs beat the Cowboys to start the season but the Bucs didn't look that great, and the Cowboys looked much better than expected... so naturally, there was a little panic in Washington as Dallas doesn't face a playoff team for another 10 weeks! Stevie, Razzle, and Joe breakdown the opening night matchup and look forward predicting division and conference champs with a few surprise pics for the Super Bowl as well! Happy football!


Week 1 is here! Chargers are heading to DC to face the Football Team and this is the only show you need to listen to get ready! Special guest Lucas (@sugarfreelucas) from the TUFF Podcast joins the DTC crew to talk details about Justin Herbert's progress this offseason, Austin Ekeler becoming Alvin Kamara-lite, and why the Bolts could be a 10 win team. He also had some very nice things to say about WFT and didn't think Joe was insane for his 12 win prediction... If you have 30 mins and want to get ready for game 1 hit play and enjoy!

The DTC 2021 season preview show is here! Stevie, Razzle, and Joe breakdown the entire season, wins/losses, and everything in between. Spoiler alert: all three of them have the WFT over 8.5 wins (lock that bet in now) and all three have them winning the NFC East as well! Tune in and get caught up on everything you need to know before the season begins! Hail to the Football Team! #HTTR

September 1, 2021

The Final 53 Pod

The final 53 has been set, for now. The surprise cut around the league is certainly Cam Newton, but WFT had some surprise cuts as well. Jimmy Mooreland, Jeremy Reaves, Antonio Gandy-Golden are just some to mention. Sure they were probably back of the roster guys but they have also played significant time in Washington. Is this a sign of the depth of the team this year? Ron Rivera says they are not done at LB, but who are they targeting? Plus who are you taking at number 5 in your fantasy drafts? FP is taking CEH....uhhh ok. We'll leave it at that. Listen, Like, Share and Follow @defeatthecurse on twitter. 


P.S. Who is taking Angola over Egypt at +700?



Fire up the mics and lets go! Stevie and Joe are in the booth discussing preseason football, the WFT deep (super deep) list of pass catchers, the Nationals (un)surprisingly exciting youth-movement, Lebron getting zippy MVP votes, and we share our top 5 replacement names for the Football Team. Stevie shared a few original names including one #GameOfThrones themed name, and Joe shared a bunch of classics including Hogs and Valor! Tell us which you prefer! The show wraps with a chat on world events/current events ... everyone will learn something on this episode of the pod. Subscribe and share! 


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